Highlights from Melbourne 2016 Conference


Dear Colleagues,


2017 will host our 21st national conference at the newly renovated Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC). It is my pleasure along with Pauline Kennedy, (OHNNG treasurer) Karen Mahoney, (South Australian State Coordinator), Cheryl Kelly (president elect & QLD state coordinator) and the remainder of the OHNNG committee, to invite and encouraged you to attend this meeting.

This meeting will be held in conjunction with Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgeons (ASOHNS) ASM, and 2017 will be their 67th scientific meeting. These meetings are the culmination of the previous year planning with our surgical colleagues; to delivery the latest developments in improved techniques, technology and treatments in our ENT world for our ENT patients.

As nurse delegates we are privileged to benefit from the international invited and keynote speakers, and to attend any of the surgical scientific sessions as part of our nurse’s registration. As this is our 21st year we will also try to provide you with a meeting that will be bigger, better and even more special than any before.

We shall once again be including our FUN WALK, as this proved so successful at our last meeting in Melbourne and we have invited our surgical colleagues to join us. We have also retained a mix of the hands on workshops that also proved to be very popular.


The theme for our 2017 meeting is Ingenuity at Work, and as the conference convenor I will endeavor to offer a diverse mix of presentations by invited surgeons, including all of the international key note speakers, nurses (both experienced and novice presenters), and our allied health partners with a range of topics and presentations that will be scientific, current and holistic, and will reflect the “practical application of state of the art knowledge, to our day to day practice”.

Sharing this meeting with our surgical colleagues allows unlimited access to the largest ENT medical trade expo, program and social events held in Australia. Click here to view draft program.


The venue for this meeting is at the newly renovated Adelaide Conference Centre (ACC). The meeting days this year will be for four days. We will commence our meeting attending the surgical ASM, Thursday afternoon. We are invited to attend and hear the invited Keynote speaker’s deliver their plenary talks and then join in the activities and Welcome reception. Friday will see the opening of our meeting, which will run for the next three days.

This year as I have mentioned will have the workshops being available to all as an alternative to the main stream on the Saturday of our meeting.

OHNNG Social Program

If you wish to attend these functions, please ensure you indicate it when registering for the meeting, as tickets are essential and could be limited.

As in the past five years our nurse’s dinner will be held in conjunction with the ASOHNS Gala dinner. The ASOHNS committee has also invited us to attend the welcome reception. Attendance to these functions is heavily subsidized for delegates by both OHNNG and ASOHNS. Attendance will be complimentary for the welcome reception and $50 for the Gala Dinner.

Please indicate your attendance to both social events on the registration form. Extra tickets to these functions may be available from the ASOHNS site, at full cost.

Welcome Reception

Date: Thursday 23rd March
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm
Location: Riverbank Promenade, at the Adelaide Convention Centre
Cost: Included for full registration categories, these tickets are Fully sponsored by ASOHNS & OHNNG: bookings are essential. If you do not intend to come please don’t indicate otherwise as we will be charged for your non-attendance.
Additional tickets: $75.00 per person.

21st Anniversary Celebration

Date: Friday 24th March
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm
Location: Adelaide Oval
Cost: Complimentary for full registration.
Daily and part registration and additional tickets: $25.00 per person.
Ticket required!

Gala Dinner

Date: Saturday 25 March 2017
Time: 7:00pm : 10:30pm
Location: William Magarey Room, Adelaide Oval
Cost: $50
Additional Tickets: $150.00 per person
Once again these tickets are substantially sponsored by ASOHNS & OHNNG.
Ticket required

Fun Walk along the Torrens
Date: Saturday 25 March 2017
Time: 6:30am : 7:30am
Location: We shall met in the foyer of the intercontinental hotel at 6.15 for a 6.30 sharp departure.
Cost: Gold coin donation: all money raised will go to Michael Crossland’s Haiti Children’s Orphanage Charity, bookings essential. If you wish to attend this function, please ensure you indicate it when registering for the ASM, as tickets are essential to receive your complementary cap.

This year will be my last national conference I will be responsible for, with my first being 10 years ago. Something even more special about this meeting is, it is in my hometown, which is quite fitting, as this is where it all began. For those of you that remember this meeting we spent a full day off site. An early morning tour of our great Barossa Valley was a prelim to an action packed day of presentations in the beautiful historic “Saltram” winery.

As our meetings travels around our country it allows us all, a great opportunity to meet with fellow nurses and clinicians that are involved with our unique specialty. As president of the group I would like to extend this invitation to share with us and be a special part of this 21st meeting. I would like to encourage and welcome you to start planning to attend, what we hope to be an exciting and stimulating meeting. Whatever your interests, there is something for you:.

Your contribution will ensure OHNNG’s objectives are met, and by attending all allocated sessions for this 4-day event you will accrue up to 23.5 hours towards your annual professional development for the year. It is our objective that you all return to your work environments with extended knowledge, something for you to try or research, many new friends found and old friends reacquainted. May this conference meet all your expectations. So please start planning your leave, saving your pennies and I hope to see you all in Adelaide next march.

Tracey Nicholls
President & Convenor
Email: traceynicholls@bigpond.com or tracey.nicholls@health.sa.gov.au


The deadline for submission of abstracts is 31st October 2016. Early submission is encouraged. Authors will be advised in writing of acceptance or non-acceptance of abstracts by 21st November 2016. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Meeting Handbook. All Oral presentations accepted will receive complimentary registration for the day of the presentation. Time and day of presentation remains the right of the committee.
To submit an abstract download form


The poster should include author and co-authors' names, a short title, the name of the institution where the work was carried out, and the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions and Recommendations.
To submit a poster presentation download form

OHNNG Sponsors

I would like to thank all of the sponsoring medical companies that have assisted in providing an affordable meeting for us all. It is with their ongoing assistance and support that meetings like this can be attended from all ORL Head & Neck nursing specialist across the country.


Corporate Blue Events Management has been appointed as the official Travel and Accommodation Manager for the ASOHNS ASM 2017.
Please log on to the official ASOHNS site to book your accommodation http://asm.asohns.org.au/accommodation


All registrations will be done via the trybookings website. To register for the OHNNG Conference please visit:

Registration Fees

Registration type Early bird (closes
Regular (after 13/02/17) On Day
Full member $420 $480 $600
Member day Fri/Sat $170 $220 $260
Member half day Thurs/Sun $80 $110 $150
Non-member full $490 $590 $670
Non-Member Fri/Sat $260 $310 $350
Non-member half day Thurs/Sun $130 $170 $210
ASOHNS Welcome reception Comp Comp Comp
ASOHNS / OHNNG Gala Dinner $50 $50 $50
OHNNG 21st Celebration Wine & Cheese Full reg comp
Daily/Part reg $25
Extra ticket $25

To register for the OHNNG Conference please visit:

Registration Desk

OHNNG: will be located outside Riverbank Room 7 (ACC lower level)
Opening Hours
Thursday 23 March 2017:10 noon : 5:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 7:30am : 3:30pm
Sunday: 7:30am : 10.30am

ASOHNS: registration desk will be located in Foyer M of the ACC
Opening Hours
Thursday 23 March 2017:12 noon : 5:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 6:30am : 5:00pm
Sunday: 7:30am : 12noon

Internet Facilities

Wireless Internet will be available throughout the meeting. Details will be made available on site.


The Adelaide Convention Centre operates two convenient on-site car parks. The Riverbank car park is accessible from King William and Morphett Road via Festival Drive and the North Terrace car park is accessible from North Terrace.
The following rates are applicable for both car parks:
Early Bird: $15.00(Enter between 5:30am - 9:30am; exit between 2:30pm- 6:30pm)
Casual: 0-1hr: $6.00, 1-2hrs: $10.00, 2-3hrs: $15.00, 3-4hrs: $16.00
An additional $1.00 will be charged for each hour to a maximum of $28.00 / 24 hours. Lost ticket $28.00.
For further information, please visit:

Name Badges

Your name badge is essential for entry into scientific sessions. Please collect your meeting materials from the registration desk prior to entering the sessions.

Dress Code

Scientific Sessions: Smart casual
Gala Dinner: Lounge suit / cocktail dress

Dietary requirements

The venue is responsible for all catering at the meeting and the Meeting Organiser does not inspect or control food preparation areas or attempt to monitor ingredients used. Contact the venue directly for all special dietary requirements during the event, irrespective of whether details have been provided to the Meeting Organiser. Meeting Organiser takes no responsibility for ensuring the venue acknowledges your dietary requirements or that these requirements can be met. In all cases you must verify for yourself that your dietary requirements have been met and the Meeting Organiser refutes any and all liability for any failure to adequately provide your special dietary requirements or any consequential damage resulting from such failure.

OHNNG Cancellation Policy

Should you be unable to attend a substitute delegate is welcome. All cancellations or alterations to registration must be made in writing to the convenor and/or president. A full refund, less a cancellation fee of $50 will be made on cancellations received before 1st March 2017
: No refund will be made after 1st March 2017.
: Cancellations & ‘no-shows’ that have paid will be charged the full registration fee.
: All refunds will be paid on notification and after the conclusion of the Conference
: All members must be current financial members to receive discounted rate.

For further information

OHNNG President & Convenor: Program & Meeting
Tracey Nicholls
Email: Tracey.nicholls@sa.gov.au or traceynicholls@bigpond.com

OHNNG Treasurer: Registrations
Pauline Kennedy
Email: ohnngtreasurer@gmail.com

South Australian State Coordinator
Karen Mahoney
Email: Karen.Mahoney@sa.gov.au

Queensland State Coordinator
Cheryl Kelly
Email: president@ohnng.com.au

Or the ASOHNS website http://asm.asohns.org.au

Download documents

Abstract Submission
Nomination Form
Proxy Voting Form
Poster Abstract

Theme: Otitis Media and its impact on the Child, Community and Culture
This year’s Indigenous Ear Health Workshop will feature special keynote addresses and
invited speakers who will discuss advances in, and the best practice management of, Otitis
Aims / Objectives:

  1. To identify and promote methods for strengthening primary prevention and care
  2. Coordination and engagement of stakeholders in Otitis Media (OM) management
  3. Summarise current and future research into the pathogenesis and management of OM
  4. Funding matters: The case for consistent and integrated funding for OM management

More information

Current Concepts in Head & Neck Cancer Care: a Multidisciplinary Management Approach

In this one day course we will review the current evidence supporting the multi-disciplinary care of head and neck cancer patients, including expert panel presentations and case discussions.

More information


Awarded during Annual National meeting

  1. Best Novice Presenter
  2. Best Presentation
  3. Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award

2008 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Holly Powell
Best Presentation: Caroline Stewart
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Paul Dean
2009 Gold Coast Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Gai Shylan
Best Presentation: Silvia O’Connor
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Shelly Straw
2010 Sydney Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Cheryl Kelly
Best Presentation: Paula Mcleod
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Susan Trapani & Brenda Roberts
2011 Melbourne Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Elisabeth Consedine
Best Presentation: Shelly Straw
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Melanie Withers & Leanne Campbell
2012 Adelaide Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Leanne Stapleton & Jackie Huestis
Best Presentation: Catherine Parker
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Emma Parsons
2013 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Sandra McKendry
Best Presentation: Silvia O’Connor
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Allana King
2014 Brisbane Recipients
Best Presentation: Jackie Huestis
Best Novice Presentation: Lisa Hellwege
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Theresa O’Leary
2015 Sydney Recipients
Best Presentation: Sue Trapani & Wendy Stout
Best Novice Presentation: Tooey Tran
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Pauline Kennedy
2016 Melbourne Recipients
Best Presentation: Cheryl Kelly
Best Novice Presentation: Amanda Wood
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Katrina Fraser


Nomination forms or proxy forms must reach the secretary prior to the 1st March 2017. The Agenda will be printed in the next addition of ENT Scope and or emailed to members is also available here.

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