This year will see my eleventh and last year as OHNNG president. First elected in 2006 in Melbourne, the journey has been amazing and I thank all of you for having the confidence and support for me to lead this group for such a long time. I believe I have got back as much as I have put in and have learnt so much, made life long friends and have succeeded in keeping the group moving forward. I believe each year we are offering more and more to our members. As always … I would like to start this report by thanking all of our state coordinators. They work tirelessly all year to bring you all, education sessions and study days. To our dedicated State Coordinators Cheryl, Gai, Lisa, Karen, Judy and Tooey. I thank you!!! I would also like to thank our very new NSW Metro coordinator Krystal, who was up and running with her first education session within months of taking on the role, and also gave birth to her baby girl in the same year. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing commitment and support.


Now into her second year as treasurer, Pauline Kennedy has done a sterling job, it has been a huge learning curve for her but she has found her feet and I would say passed with flying colors. You can certainly ask Pauline what it has been like to jump in feet first but with support and her own diligence she has done a incredible job in keeping our books and accounts in order. A Big Thank you. Gin Thomson our executive secretary, continues to maintain our database, send out those reminders you when you are due for renewal and welcomes our new members. It is no mean feat keeping our records up to date. Both Pauline and Gin dedicate many, many hours each year to keep our records and accounts up to date and in order. I sincerely thank you both.

As State Coordinators there is an expectation that you carry out the groups objectives and run educational sessions for our members throughout the year. Sometimes you are pushed out of your comfort zone please remember that you are supported and encouraged along the way. As a state coordinator it allows you to meet your members in your state, bring together a new network, and on a personal note learn skills that you would possibly not have the opportunity to develop. By being a state coordinator for me lead me to being elected president of this amazing group. It has taught me many things I never thought I was capable of… I have been fortunate to travel the world attending meetings and I have set up a network of peers and friends across the world. If you have just a little bit of adventure in you, or feel you have some time to give something back I implore you to consider stepping up to the plate and joining us….There are two State coordinators positions that still remain vacant, Northern Territory, and Victoria. I would encourage any of you, from Victoria or Northern Territory, to consider nominating for the position.

Other vacancies that remain vacant are newsletter editor. It is a great shame that communication using this media is no longer happening so if any of you also think you may like to take this on please consider doing this. Even just a few pages very four months, just to keep all our members abreast of what is happening is all it takes.

2016 saw the biggest attended national meeting held, close to 170 delegates, including international delegates from the UK, Hong Kong, China and of course our continued representation from New Zealand. We continued to have had nonstop education around the country. Details will be available from the state coordinator in their own state reports.

During August we held a Face-to-Face meeting in Melbourne and we were quite successful in getting our strategic plan drafted for the coming year. Some of the motions that came from this meeting was the need to increase annual membership, as this has not changed since the inception of the group. We are looking at getting an “Online renewal and reminder “system set up, and this is what the increase in fees will help fund.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the website for the activities in your state. Remember we now have a Facebook page and you are all encouraged to sign up…this is also a great way to keep up to date with activities happening in your state. Speaking of websites one of the things that happened this year is that MERCK medical have sponsored the creation and monitoring of a Head & Neck Cancer nurses web based Forum. All H&N cancer nurses are encourage to join. Currently only 58 nurses have taken up the opportunity but a cry for help for a trachy tube in a major Sydney hospital on the site had resulted in the particular tube being delivered within hours… details in handbook … This year has also seen the release of the Beyond five website a Head and Neck Cancer information site for both patients and professionals. More on that tomorrow and also the establishment of a great webpage and Facebook page run by H&N cancer patients in New Zealand … Please take the time to check these sights out and inform your patients.

This year will also be our 21st Birthday. This is 21 years of sharing our annual conference with ASOHNS surgical ASM. Over the years it has looked very different to what it does today. Today we have established a great collegial relationship, we are invited to attend any of the ASM and we are even heavily sponsored to attend the social events.

We will celebrate this amazing milestone and invite you all to join us at the Graham Cornes Deck at the Adelaide oval this afternoon for wine cheese and birthday cake. This of cause will follow GAME of THRONES …New to this meeting this will be based on a jeopardy type game but will have several ENT topics and one to test your knowledge on the popular TV series. Pauline has gone to an amazing effort to “theme” this event and it will be a great lot of fun, so build your strongest team and come and test your knowledge. Karen has put together some great prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

Continuing in the same vein from last year and your feedback, we are running 8 individual hands on workshops at this meeting and I believe there will be something for every one. You are free to attend one or all of these tomorrow. They will run concurrently with the main stream and will run for two hours each. This will give delegates an opportunity to really understand each of the companies’ product and applications.

As it was so successful last year will continue the early morning walk; hope to see you all out along the Torrens River, view the majestic St Peters Cathedral as the sun comes up and we have been given permission to walk around the new Adelaide oval… All walkers will be given a cap and we would appreciate a gold coin donation for Michael Crossland’s Orphanage in Haiti. Last year our donation of $5000.00 fed these kids for almost the whole year.

I would like to thank our 18 sponsors for this meeting. In particular, to our Principle Sponsor: Smith & Nephew Silver Sponsor: Olympus Bronze Sponsor: Medtronic Merck: Name badges: Coremed Poster Session Sponsor: Karl Storz : Best Nurse Presenter.

OHNNG would also like to thank Adelaide Radiotherapy Center /Genesis Care, ASOHNS, Atos Medical/Teflex, Attune, Auspharm/Oral 7, Baxter, Cochlear, Cook Medical, Ecolab, ENT Technologies, Intersurgical/Tracoe, Mi-tec, Smiths Medical

On behalf of myself and the members of OHNNG a very BIG Thank You

1996 Gold Coast - 54 delegates
1997 Sydney 120 - delegates
1998 Sydney 125 - delegates
1999 Canberra 60 - delegates
2000 Melbourne 91 - delegates
2001 Adelaide 60 - delegates
2002 Perth 90 - delegates
2003 Brisbane 70 - delegates
2004 Sydney 65 - delegates
2005 No National - (IRS Sydney)
2006 Melbourne - 91 delegates
2007 Adelaide - 82 delegates
2008 Perth - 56 delegates
2009 Gold Coast - 73 delegates
2010 Sydney - 88 delegates
2011 Melbourne - 115 delegates
2012 Adelaide - 95 delegates
2013 Perth - 105 delegates
2014 Brisbane - 150 delegates
2015 Sydney - 98 delegates
2016 Melbourne - 167 delegate
2017 Adelaide - 138 delegates