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OHNNG Speaker Awards

The OHNNG speakers’ awards are an accolade bestowed upon ENT H&N nurses at our annual conference. The awards are an acknowledgement of the presentation content, delivery, interest to the audience and supporting visual aids. The presentations are assessed by five audience members chosen randomly, allocated a numerical rating and summated during the conference. (Topics presented by two speakers will be graded as individual speakers). The awards are announced at the conference closing ceremony.

The awards are allocated to the Best Presenter, the Best Novice Presenter and to a speaker deserving of an Encouragement Award. The recipient receives a printed document to be displayed at their workplace and a monetary award – currently valued at $200.00.

2019 Brisbane Recipients
Best Novice Presenter – Chris Harris – Volunteering for the Starkey Hearing Foundation
Geoff Sharp Best Presentation – Rae Cowell – Enhanced Recovery After Surgery for H&N patients
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award – Jacki Huestis – Marcy Ships

2018 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Amanda Richardson
Geoff Sharp Best Presentation: Tracey Nicholls
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Cathy Doidge & Gabe Jackson

2017 Adelaide Recipients
Geoff Sharpe Best Presentation Award : Tracey Nicholls
Best Novice Presentation: Megan Green
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Margge Moncrieff

2016 Melbourne Recipients
Best Presentation: Cheryl Kelly
Best Novice Presentation: Amanda Wood
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Katrina Frase

2015 Sydney Recipients
Best Presentation: Sue Trapani & Wendy Stout
Best Novice Presentation: Tooey Tran
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Pauline Kennedy

2014 Brisbane Recipients
Best Presentation: Jackie Huestis
Best Novice Presentation: Lisa Hellwege
Tyrell Encouragement Award: Theresa O’Leary

2013 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Sandra McKendry
Best Presentation: Silvia O’Connor
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Allana King

2012 Adelaide Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Leanne Stapleton & Jackie Huestis
Best Presentation: Catherine Parker
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Emma Parsons

2011 Melbourne Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Elisabeth Consedine
Best Presentation: Shelly Straw
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Melanie Withers & Leanne Campbell

2010 Sydney Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Cheryl Kelly
Best Presentation: Paula Mcleod
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Susan Trapani & Brenda Roberts

2009 Gold Coast Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Gai Shylan
Best Presentation: Silvia O’Connor
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Shelly Straw

2008 Perth Recipients
Best Novice Presenter: Holly Powell
Best Presentation: Caroline Stewart
Kim Tyrell Encouragement Award: Paul Dean

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