27th Annual Conference

27th Annual Conference

Inspiring Innovation ...

March 2024


Andrea Brooks

Senior Sales Representative for Perianaesthesia – SA & NT

TOPIC : Hi-Flow in OT

“I have had a long and very varied career starting with my nursing training at the WCH where I moved into Paediatric ICU and stayed there for 10 years – finally finishing as the equipment and retrieval CN. From there I moved into my first position with Fisher and Paykel Healthcare ultimately resulting in promotion to state manager for SA and NT. Throughout all this I was also a volunteer with St John – working regular shifts on the ambulances out of the Prospect division.

I moved into anaesthetic nursing at LMH for 10 years before returning to work for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare in my current role as senior sales representative for Perianaesthesia – SA and NT over 4 years ago.

Airway assessment and management has been a common theme and pivotal interest throughout my entire working life – as has training and education in airway assessment and management techniques, and the understanding and trouble shooting of necessary equipment.

I am confident in presenting to both small and large groups and take great satisfaction from seeing people experience that “aha!” moment when I have been able to help them understand a previously difficult concept.

My current role at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare involves the sales, support and education for all anaesthetic staff for our THRIVE system, and also the Airvo into PACU.

Our main manufacturing plant is based in Auckland which makes our Australian team very much a key influence in product development and research support – something I enjoy playing a part in.

My presentation will include an introduction to THRIVE, it’s application in ENT surgery, and the latest research on the use of High Flow Nasal Oxygen within the Covid environment.”