27th Annual Conference

27th Annual Conference

Inspiring Innovation ...

March 2024


Catherine Zeevaarde

Registered Nurse


Earbus Foundation is a WA-based Children’s charity that works to reduce the incidence of middle ear disease in Aboriginal and at-risk children in our state. The Foundation brings together experts from Education, Health, Culture and Communities.

Catherine became a Registered Nurse at the time of the HIV/AIDs epidemic in Australia, and this led her into infectious disease nursing and her strong position on preventative health care.

She is a keen adventurer and developed a passion for working in community settings after pivotal experiences in Nepal, living and working closely with communities on education and development projects.

Completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Social Science – International Development furthered Catherine’s understanding of developing communities. Over the past 5 years she has worked in Aboriginal health in Perth, where she is focused on making a difference in Australia.