27th Annual Conference

27th Annual Conference

Inspiring Innovation ...

March 2024


Elizabeth Singson

Associate Professor

TOPIC : Resilience ASAP!

As the first mother to be taken into an advanced surgical training program, A.Prof Elizabeth Sigston completed her FRACS in 2002 and then spent 3 years specializing in Head & Neck Cancer here and in France. She has previously been a Surgical Supervisor of Training, Executive Director of ORLHNS Unit at Monash Health, Chair of the Surgical Sciences Examination committee for ENT and currently is the International Medical Graduate (IMG) Representative on the National ASOHNS Training Board and a member of the Steering Committee for Monash Health’s Women in Medicine Program and Gender Equity Committee.

A.Prof Sigston is actively involved in research and has a PhD in Head & Neck Cancer research. She recently developed and published a new theory for cancer and is Chief Investigator and Conjoint Grant recipient for the development of innovative 3D printing applications in reconstruction for head & neck cancer patients in collaboration with Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME).

Having breast cancer at 38 gave A.Prof Sigston the opportunity to deeply reflect on the importance of gratitude, the concept of being present and the power of conscious behavior. This has enabled a greater empathy with those with cancer and has influenced her approach to management. This is embodied by her 2015 mini-TED type talk, ‘Cancer – Beyond the Cure’.

Dr. Sigston is the mother of 2 adult children and values courage, authenticity, inspiration, passion and gratitude.