27th Annual Conference

27th Annual Conference

Inspiring Innovation ...

March 2024


Lana Tutin

Nurse Practitioner

TOPIC : Temporal Bone Research

Lana Tutin is currently employed as a Nurse Practitioner in Private Practice in Melbourne Victoria.

Lana has undertaken extensive post graduate education which includes Master of Nursing , Educational Management and Leadership degrees, but more recently a Certificate In Mental Health. Lana is currently undertaking a module in Peri-Operative Nurse Surgical Assisting at LaTrobe University in Melbourne.

She is current serving member of the Royal Australian Navy as a Peri-Operative Nurse. During Covid, Lana used this opportunity with the defence force for self development, fun and travel opportunities.

This talk aims to explore the concepts around Temporal Bone Banks with following aims of the of the presentation:

  • What is the Temporal Bone Bank?
  • Why do we need a Temporal Bone Bank?
  • Why is the Temporal Bone Bank work important?
  • Patient’s perspective on ear conditions
  • Types of hearing loss presentations and management
  • Diagnostics of Hearing Conditions
  • Locations of Temporal Bone Banks in the world
  • How the Temporal Bone Bone Society Incorporated was formed and why it was formed?
  • Where the Temporal Bone Laboratory is located in Australia?
  • Requirements for donation and how the temporal bone is harvested?
  • Genetic Testing
  • How you can help and get involved?