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Lara Shur

Audiologist & Speech Pathologist


With vast experience working in paediatric and regional settings, Lara is Director of Clinical Services and the co-founder of Earbus Foundation of Western Australia

To reduce the incidence of middle ear disease in Indigenous and at-risk children in Western Australia below the World Health Organization benchmark of 4%

That current and future generations of Indigenous children can succeed at school unhindered by the debilitating effects of Otitis Media and its impacts upon their ability to learn and achieve to their full potential

We believe middle ear disease to be an insidious, underestimated and undertreated condition that can affect every aspect of early childhood development in Indigenous children and creates lifelong barriers that prevent these children from taking their full and rightful part in Australian society Our Patron, Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon Professor Harvey Coates, is the lead author of the highly regarded Aboriginal Ear Health Manual and this, along with the OM Guidelines and region specific ear health Protocols, form the key references for our clinical work.

More information available at the website Earbus Foundation.