27th Annual Conference

27th Annual Conference

Inspiring Innovation ...

March 2024


Lisa Hellwege

Earworx Founder

TOPIC : Diversity in our profession

Earworx was established in 2016 by Registered Nurse Lisa Hellwege, to provide her clients with a safe and effective professional micro-suction earwax removal service. This is the same gentle, effective and dry technique used by ENT specialists across Australia.

Lisa has undertaken both a Nationally Accredited Course in Micro-Suction and Aural Hygiene, and a Course in Aural Care adapted from the Aural Care Certificate delivered by Mandeville Hospital in the UK. Lisa previously worked for a number of years in the ENT clinics as a Registered Nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital. She is also the Tasmanian State Coordinator for the National Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Nurses Group and coordinates education for the State.

Lisa has a qualified, strong and experienced business and administrative team behind her, with every element of the business adhering to our values of being professional, kind and generous.

Lisa’s passion is to help patients have a better quality of life through addressing and preventing impacted wax and supporting ear health. The mission of Earworx is to provide patients with exceptional service to the highest standards of patient care in safe, effective and professional ear wax removal.