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Life members

OHNNG Life membership is an accolade awarded to an individual to recognise their valuable contribution to the current and future existence of the Group.

2019 (Brisbane) Judith Redpath – Queanbeyan
2018 (Perth) Virginia Thomson, Brenda Roberts
2017 (Adelaide)  Roslyn Graham, Shelley Straw, Julia Haege
2016 (Melbourne) Julie Wain
2015(Sydney) Anne Fisher and Bronny Hindley-Cooke
2014 (Brisbane) Tracey Nicholls and Cheryl Kelly
2013(Perth) Leanne Simpson
2012 (Adelaide) Silvia O’Connor
2011 (Melbourne)
2010 (Sydney)
2009 (Brisbane)
2008 (Perth)
2007 (Adelaide) Annette Kowalczyk
2006 (Melbourne) Julie Wain
Dianne Clancy

Life Membership

The granting of Life Membership is a great honour and will not be considered lightly. On average, one or less Life Memberships are likely to be awarded each year. The recipient/s are announced at the AGM typically held at the annual conference.

Life Membership should not be considered as a competitive matter and nominees must be considered individually and on their personal attributes and achievements and not in comparison with others.

To be considered for Life Membership the individuals overall contribution is evaluated summing criteria such as length of active membership, long term commitment, and significant and specific efforts to enhance, improve and promote the groups stated objectives will be contemplated.

Life membership nominees may be proposed by state coordinators and will be voted on by the President and one other member of the executive.

Life Membership – inclusions

Life members will be granted member benefits indefinitely (or until they withdraw from the Group in writing).

  • Life members are not required to pay member renewal fees.
  • Life members are eligible for scholarships / sponsorship as outlined in member benefits.
  • Life membership benefits are not transferrable.
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